Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Choose Instagram for Marketing

Thanks to the availability of many social media networks, small and medium businesses can indeed make a big presence with just a bit of smart thinking. One aspect of such smart thinking is the use of Instagram for marketing. Here are some of the reasons why small and medium sized businesses choose this platform to enjoy great marketing success.

More engagement

Sometimes it is not just a question of numbers when it comes to social media networks. Many social media sites have larger numbers when it comes to users for customers. But a very interesting report from Forrester research found that Instagram creates 120 times more engagement for every follower when compared to Twitter. This perhaps is a mark of the type of relationship that a brand can create with each of its customers.

Not governed by too many rules

When compared to bigger social media sites, Instagram is not governed too heavily by promotion rules. So a small or medium sized business can easily choose to have a giveaway which adheres to a pretty wide framework that only needs:

  • A disclaimer that it is not associated with Instagram.
  • Accurate tagging of content.
  • Specifications that the promotion is not encouraging users to use inaccurate tags either.

Heavy on the visual content

One of the reasons why Instagram is such a popular social media site is because it is heavy as far as visual content is concerned. This gives small and medium businesses immense opportunity to post original images and connect with their audience in an instant. After all, there is a lot of truth to the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words”.

Of course, this aspect of Instagram may be more suited to certain businesses such as:

  • The interior decorators.
  • Restaurants.
  • Artists of various kinds.
  • Businesses oriented towards photography and so on.

But literally, anybody can use the strengths of Instagram to make their presence felt.

Growing support

Instagram is also making immense progress when it comes to offering tools and support for business organizations. Some of these features include:

  • An integrated business dashboard that is built into the mobile application.
  • The ability to create business profiles.
  • Allowing the retailers to target users based on the items that appear in their shopping carts online.

All of this simply means that even a small business owner can enjoy better analysis and insight into the people who engage with his or her brand online.

Link to Facebook

Business owners who have a presence on Instagram can also use several mobile tools and use the data from some of the profiles that are available on Instagram to generate better marketing strategies for themselves. Perhaps the biggest strength of the latest set of business tools offered by Instagram is the availability of mobile ad creation. The ability to save and use data generated based on gender, geographic location and even age and individual interests are extremely useful for any business organization anywhere.

Of course, you can also drive traffic to your website with the help of an Instagram account.

Source: www.smallbusinesscan.com