Go Succeed – NI Business Support

Go Succeed - NI Business Support

Go Succeed is a comprehensive service providing bespoke and relevant business support to individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, adaptive to meet the needs of entrepreneurs at different stages in their business journey, from pre-start through start-up, early stage, and growth phases.

We here at Roe Valley Enterprises alongside our LEA colleagues in the Causeway Coast and Glens area, and as part of the Enterprise NI network, are delighted to be providing the pre-start and early-stage business support as part of the Go Succeed service. This will involve:

  • Bespoke individual diagnostic to identify, and ‘get under the bonnet’ of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, to ensure we provide the most beneficial and aligned business advice and one-to-one mentoring support.


  • You will have access to relevant workshops, peer support networking, resources, and tools with informed guidance to other supports available in the business support arena.


  • We are delighted to say that clients can access grant funding through this service to support business growth.

In conclusion, we at Roe Valley Enterprises and other agencies in this Council area, as part of the Enterprise NI network are really looking forward to being part of this service as it aligns to our ethos of providing the right at the right time for local wantraprenuers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Social Media: LinkedIn – Go Succeed NI – https://linkedin.com/company/go-succeed-ni

Facebook – Go Succeed NI – https://www.facebook.com/ni.gosucceed

Instagram – @gosucceed_ni – https://www.instagram.com/gosucceed_ni/

Twitter – @gosucceed_ni

To find out more about this service, get in contact with an expert today. You can contact is via phone, website, email or any of our social media platforms including facebook and instagram.