Motion Playground

Can you describe your business? 

Motion Playground is a tiny team, with a big love for video. We exist to help businesses inform, entertain and engage their audience. We do this in the most simple and memorable way possible, by handcrafting a powerful visual story that we serve up as an explainer video, made in our very own little studio in Derry / Londonderry.

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Why did you start your own business? 

“I’ve always had a passion for digital media and creating videos, from a very young age I have always been messing around with a camera making silly videos with my friends. As I went through school and university and began to realise through time that there was money to be made in the area of creating professional video productions. At University I began looking closer at animated videos and developed a love for producing short animated video clips, at which stage I began to reaslise this was something I could potentially make a living from as I enjoyed doing it and was quite good at what I did. I guess the main motivation for me starting my own business is my love for animation and video along with the fact that I can make a generous wage doing what I do best!” 

What are the most enjoyable factors of running your own business? 

“I really enjoy the start of a new project, getting to meet new people and learning about their business. The production process is also quite fun, as I get to release my creative side! If I’m being totally honest though, I would have to say that seeing the look on a client’s face when presenting the final video production to them for the first time has to be the highlight of running my own business, as it gives me great pride in my work!”  

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What are the main challenges facing the business going forward? 

“I suppose at the moment managing my work-life balance has proved the most challenging aspect of running my own business, as deadlines have to be met, which sometimes means late nights. However this is a welcome challenge as it keeps me busy and on my toes! 

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What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business?

” In hindsight when I look back at my own business and how it began, I would encourage anyone thinking about starting their own business to avail of any free advice and courses available to them, so as to become as well prepared as possible prior to starting a business. I would firstly recommend contacting your Local Enterprise Agency as they can point you in the right direction and provide assistance with sourcing funding / marketing assistance and much more. Lastly I would say to anyone a bit hesistant about starting their own business, if it is something you are wholly dedicated to and passionate about then give it a go! If you take the time to weigh up the positives against the negative, plan ahead and research your business area thoroughly, there’s no reason you can’t make a go of it!”

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Name : Nathan Henry 

Company : Motion Playground 

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Mobile : 07864924020


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